How PlayMore Leagues Work


PlayMore Sport & Social Club runs sports leagues for adults all across South Jersey.  What do you need to know to get in the game?  Check out these popular questions below and important topics that will help you get started!

Have a team of friends, family, or co-workers ready to go?  Perfect!  PlayMore does accept full team registrations.  Each sport will have a set roster size with the minimum amount of players needed to enter your own, full team into the league or a maximum of how many players you can have on one squad.  You as the captain will become the General Manager of the team and become the direct point of contact to the league office for the season.  Full teams can either complete the team fee to ensure their spot in the league or individual payments can be arranged for teams that are able to complete player payments ontime.

Not everyone has a full squad of players ready to go.  That’s quite fine!  You can sign up as a single player or with a small group of friends.  Players that choose to sign up as a Free Agent on our site will pay a solo player fee.

We take the free agents that signup and look to start a brand new team (for that sport) that we then enter into the league.  So you will be part of a team with other individual & small pairs that signed up the same way as you.

For each sport we have a “sweet spot” of how many players we will put on a free agent team so the squad has a good balance of players and subs for when players have to miss games for real life events (family, work, vacations, etc) while not overpacking the teams so everyone has a healthy amount of playing time.

Free Agent teams receive introductions about 7-10 days before the season starts.  The office will organize a team introduction so everyone can start talking before the season kicks off.  That way the squad can set up a good group communication tool, find out how can and can’t make games, and just to get to know each other a bit more before meeting IRL.

  • FULL TEAM PAYMENTS:  For captains looking to enter a full team into the league – in most cases Full Team Payments are the way to go.  The captain can collect money from teammates and pay the full team fee in one full payment or 2-3 smaller payments.  Please note – in order to lock in a team spot for an upcoming season the full team payment does need to be complete.  Payments can be made online on our website, through our company Venmo Account, or via Check or Cash in person at the office.
  • DIVIDED TEAM PAYMENTS:  In some leagues (typically not offered for leagues that consistently sell out) Captains can choose to have the individual players on the team each pay their own fee online.  For each spot we have a payment plan set up for this.  This does require you to contact us as we must set this up manually (your roster is required to do so).  This is something that we only offer to new teams or teams that have a good track record of individual payments.  Teams that abuse this payment system will be moved to a Full Team Payment only option in upcoming seasons.
  • INDIVIDUAL/FREE AGENT PAYMENTS:  Free Agents and Small Groups can sign up and pay the Free Agent fee which covers just your spot in the league.

All major credit cards are accepted on the PlayMore website except American Express.

COIVD-19 Refund Policy:  If we aren’t able to start a scheduled season due to a COVID-19 closure/mandate change – all players that paid PlayMore directly will be offered a full refund, minus the processing fee.  If a PlayMore league does start play for the season and needs to be put on hold (in-season) we will restart the league once allowed and play the league to completion before starting any new seasons.

  • During the Registration Period: If any anytime during the Registration Period you change your mind and aren’t able to play, do let us know  We can offer you a full refund or credit minus the processing fee.  Those requests can be sent via email to [email protected].
  • After the Registration Period:  PlayMore Sport & Social Club does not offer refunds once the registration session for the season is complete.  Often league space and team rosters have limited space and last minute cancellations hinder our ability to properly plan and organize the season and our leagues.  If we are able to replace your spot (team spot or free agent spot) with a paid player we will then be glad to credit you (minus the processing fee) for any unplayed games left on your schedule for the season.  Those requests can be sent via email to [email protected].

All Team Players that did not play PlayMore directly must seek their refund through their Team Captain.

PlayMore Sport & Social Club reserves the right to change the refund policy without notice at any time.

Umpire & Referee fees are not included in your registration fee.  The umpire / referee fee is paid on site in cash at the start of each game.

Why aren’t those fees included? Good question, good answer.  Simply put – we’d have to charge more.  If your referee fee is $30 per game, we’d have to collect much more than that to cover taxes when we collect the revenue so we’d have that $30 to pay the officials.  So it is more cost effective for our teams and players this way.

All players do need to sign a waiver to complete their registration for the season.  Waivers can ONLY be accessed inside of your player account (on our Account Dashboard).  If you don’t see it on your Dashboard, you have already completed it for the season.  Feel free though to email us ([email protected]) or text us at the office (609-878-0234) if you want to make sure that yours’s is all complete.

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Playing in Inclement Weather:  The goal is simple, we always want to get games in.  So as a player, you can always assume that we will be playing.  So we will playing in light/reasonable rain providing the field conditions allow us to do so.  We will play in light/reasonable snow as well – heck a snow game every now and then is always fun.

What we don’t typically do though is cancel games on prospective weather.  Here in Jersey we all know – forecast says one thing and then it does another.  For that reason – we don’t typically cancel games because it might rain (or snow).  If we call games off and the weather misses – well haha, we look like we have no idea what we are doing.  So unless we see a storm that is a can’t miss, sure fire hot mess – we will usually keep games on until the bad weather does hit the area.

Rainouts:  If we do need to postpone a game due to weather, we try to do so 90 minutes in advance of the first game that day (for that sport).  In the event that we do need to cancel – we will text all captains first, followed by an email to the whole league.  No need to text us and ask us if the games are on – if you don’t hear from us they are indeed good to go.

All players need to be 18 years or older to sign up and play in our leagues!  Players may start to participate the day they turn 18 years old.

We offer 4 seasons during the course of the year:

  • Winter (Early January through March)
  • Spring (Late March through June)
  • Early Summer (Early June through Early August)
  • Summer (Early July through August)
  • Fall (September through November)

All Leagues, Tournaments, and Social Events have a registration period. This date can be found on the programs website page. No registrations will be accepted beyond that date.

Typically we offer either Competitive Leagues or Social/Recreational Leagues.

Competitive Leagues have playoffs for the top teams, a healthy prize pool for the winning team, and very strict roster deadlines.  When we can, we offer skill levels within usually defined as Flight A (Good to Great Players), Flight B (Average to Good Players), or Flight C (Below Average Players).

Recreational Leagues typically have playoffs, a smaller prize pool, and do not feature the strict roster rules that Competitive Leagues have.

Social Leagues have no playoffs, a smaller prize pool, and play for Social Points instead of Wins & Losses.

  • PAPERWORK:  As the captain of the team you need to assemble a team, collect the team payments, submit your roster to us (Full Names & Emails to [email protected]).  You will need to make sure all players on your team log into the website to accept/sign the waiver for the season.  Finally, you will also need to send us any changes you make to your roster during the season so
  • POINT OF CONTACT:  As the captain you will be the point of contact for the team.  All team communication will go through you.  You will be the only person on your team that can make roster changes, submit scheduling requests before the season starts, as well as who we reach out to for any game changes or cancellations.  Should any disciplinary issues arise, we will use captains as the first point of contact as well.
  • KNOW YOUR TEAM: Teams are made up of all kinds of teammates.  Friends, Co-Workers, Family, Etc.  As a captain – it is very important that you know your teammates.  If you invite anyone to the team that you don’t know that well – make sure you are aware of their level of skill (to make sure it matches the league) as well as how they handle themselves.  We find that players that get in trouble with the league historically are “friends of friends” that captains don’t know that well. Take the time to know your squad before you get your team started.

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Simply put, no we do not.  We spend a considerable amount of time before the season starts looking at requests submitted to us by all the teams so we can custom write the schedules to get all teams (new and veteran) a good balance of what they were looking for that season.  So once the schedule is set for the season – we don’t change or flip game times.  Swapping game times for instance involved 4 teams – if your team is missing your best player and looking to play at a different time four teams would need to switch times which would cause other players to then miss the game.  It’s an impossible task, so for that reason we won’t change a game (unless weather or a facility closure takes place).

The only exception to this are our Cornhole Leagues and Sunday Funday Softball when applicable – we do provide some flexibility for reschedules as long as the opposing team is okay with doing so.

We release league schedules approximately 1 week before games begin.  There are a lot of moving parts when launching the leagues (teams jumping in late, backing out at the last minute, etc) – so we do hold off on putting out new league schedules until a week before the first game.

Teams shirts are included in the registration fees.  You will receive those at your first game – as long as you submitted your order before the cut off date for that given season.

Custom Shirts/Uniforms – Teams are allowed to wear their own shirts or custom uniforms.  We do ask that you let us know what color you will be using so we can coordinate that with all the other shirts we need to order for the upcoming season.

Team Colors are assigned at the time we order the shirts – and color requests are honored in order of team payment.  Simply put – if your team would like Black, Blue, or Red it’s best to get signed up and paid in the first day or two of signups.  Pro Tip – when listing the colors your team would like during registration – the teams that pick the more unusual colors have a better chance of getting the color they list.

PlayMore does not provide practice time for our leagues.

All payment transactions are secured by  The PlayMore Sport & Social Club website is 100% Secured through LeagueApps . LeagueApps uses the highest level of SSL Authentication and does not store any of your members’ credit card information.

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