Frequently Asked Questions

PlayMore is an adult sport and social club that offers adults various sports leagues and tournaments to participate in. PlayMore also offers “Happy Hour Specials” after each game at participating local bars and Huge Social Events throughout the year.

No Membership required! You only need to be 18 years or older to sign up and play in our leagues!

You can register online (, over the phone, or in person at our office.  Please sign up and create a username and password. Use Connect with Facebook for the full experience.

We offer 4 seasons during the course of the year:

  • Winter (Early January through March)
  • Spring (Late March through June)
  • Early Summer (Early June through Early August)
  • Summer (Early July through August)
  • Fall (September through November)

All Leagues, Tournaments, and Social Events have a registration period. This date can be found on the programs website page. No registrations will be accepted beyond that date.

PlayMore cannot save spots for Free Agents or Teams. Leagues typically sell out and a first registered, first saved basis is our policy. If you register a team and choose to have each player pay their own portion, your team spot will be saved once your team has paid the full team fee.  If your team is not paid in full, another team could get the final spot.

All payment transactions are secured by  The PlayMore Sport & Social Club website is 100% Secured through LeagueApps . LeagueApps uses the highest level of SSL Authentication and does not store any of your members’ credit card information.

When you Connect with Facebook, your PlayMore account links with your Facebook account. PlayMore encourages this to allow you to quickly signup and login to your personal account using your Facebook credentials. Thus, you can utilize your Facebook identity on the PlayMore site and get more social with your teammates and fellow participants. PlayMore cannot access any personal Facebook account information.

PlayMore will never share or sell any of your personal information, including but not limited to, your email address, physical address, telephone numbers, etc. Your privacy is very important to us.

Please refer to the PlayMore Refund Policy.

All major credit cards are accepted on the PlayMore website except American Express.

Referee/Umpire fees are not included in your registration fee. Each league has listed a specific referee/umpire fee that is to be paid prior to each game.

You sure can! PlayMore cannot be responsible for creating schedules that do not conflict with your leagues though. Please use care when picking which PlayMore Leagues to play in during the same season.

Typically we offer either Competitive Leagues or Social/Recreational Leagues.

Competitive Leagues have playoffs for the top teams, a healthy prize pool for the winning team, and very strict roster deadlines.  When we can, we offer skill levels within usually defined as Flight A (Good to Great Players), Flight B (Average to Good Players), or Flight C (Below Average Players).

Recreational Leagues typically have playoffs, a smaller prize pool, and do not feature the strict roster rules that Competitive Leagues have.

Social Leagues have no playoffs, a smaller prize pool, and play for Social Points instead of Wins & Losses.

While we do take Full Team Registrations, we also have plenty of players that sign up as Individuals.  We call this being a Free Agent! For all of our leagues, we look take all the Free Agents that sign up and look to start a brand new team that we enter the league!  If for some reason we can’t start a new team, we will look to place you with an existing team.

Of course!  We get this request all the time.  When registering as a Free Agent please place this request in the “Special Requests” portion of your registration.

Typically, we look to start introducing the Free Agent teams one week after Late Registration ends.  We will send out an Introduction email to all of the members of the team so everyone can meet and greet ahead of the season.  This is a great time for everyone to set up a walk to talk (text chain, Facebook group, etc).

If we don’t have enough Free Agents to start a new team, we will reach out to the Full Teams that have entered the league to see if we can match you with a team that is looking to pick up a player for the season.

Practices are not scheduled by PlayMore. You are more than welcome to organize a practice with your team.

Team Captains have 2 options when making payment online:

  1. Pay the entire balance (TEAM FEE) at the time of registration.  This allows you to be able to register during one of three registration periods (Early Discounted Registration, Regular Rates, or Late Rates).
  2. Captains can choose to have players on their team pay individually.  In order to do this, you must contact this office (this option is not available online).  Teams that choose to have players pay individually will have a set price for each player that can be found on the registration page.
  3. Captains are also required to submit an online roster. This can be done online in your account or it can be emailed to us at [email protected].  All players must have a full name listed on the roster along with a valid email address so they can log into their account to sign the player waiver.
  4. Captains must make sure that all players on their team have signed the waiver.  Players are not allowed to take the field/court unless their waiver for the season has been signed.

For Competitive Leagues, each season will have a roster deadline.  As a captain, you will need to make sure that everyone has been added to your roster (along with a signed waiver) by the deadline for that season.  We don’t want anyone to miss out on being able to play, so please make sure you are registered on time as we don’t bend on this rule.

Once shirts are done and ready in the office, we will make a league wide announcement for any team captain that would like to stop by to pick those up.  If you aren’t able to pick those up – we have you covered.  We will bring those out to you for your first game!  Please note that you do need to make sure your place your shirt order by the deadline for the given season so we can make sure we have them for you opening day.

The schedule will be posted to the website no sooner than one week prior to the start of the given league.

We try to make decisions on weather to cancel games 90 minutes prior to the first game of the day/night.  We will do everything we can though to try to get the games in for your league.  Please assume your game is on.  If we do need to cancel, we will send a mass email to the league followed by a personal text to each captain.  From there we will post cancellation notices on our social media pages.

Rescheduling a game is tricky business.  It requires not only your opponent, but in most cases two other teams as well.  That’s a whole of folks that need to agree on one thing.  From our experience, that usually doesn’t work out.  It is for this reason that we ask for any and all scheduling requests and issues during the registration period.  We will try our best to work with your requests prior to the schedule being released.  Once the schedule is live though, we are not able to reschedule games.

Imagine a league without a roster deadline.  The playoffs wouldn’t be a true representation of all the hard work that teams put in during the regular season.  Teams in the playoffs would pick up the best players from eliminated teams.  Trust us, we’ve seen it happen!

Picture it. Two captains at a court/field.  One says “hey, you cool with this guy/gal playing?  They played with us all season”.  Put yourself in the shoes of the other captain.  It doesn’t even matter what you choose, you already lost.  If you allow the player and your team loses, your teammates are mad at you and you in turn are mad at us for allowing it to happen. If you say no to allowing the player, you look like the ‘bad guy” to the other team.  And all you did was follow the rules!  Now you’ve got a tense game for no reason at all.

Roster Deadlines are in place to protect you and your team.  The only catch is that you need to make sure you keep your roster up to date!

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